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Telehealth (Online Counseling)

I am currently seeing clients through secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth services as well as in person. 

Benefits of Online Counseling

Research has shown that online counseling can be just as effective as in-person counseling for many conditions. If I believe that you would be better served by another form of counseling, I will refer you to more appropriate services in your area.

Ten Reasons to Have an Online Counseling Session

Online counseling can fit more easily into your busy schedule. It takes less time away from the office or your workday and eliminates concerns about traffic.

Online communication is very comfortable for many people, especially younger adults and those who utilize technology often. You are able to receive counseling from the comfort of your own home.


Online counseling provides easy access for those who live in rural areas, have a chronic illness, or other challenges that make it difficult to drive or travel. It is also a convenient way for clients who travel frequently for work or who move away for college to maintain regular counseling sessions.

Concerns related to Telehealth counseling

People who access the internet from public locations face seriously risk their health confidentiality. I recommend that you be in a private setting when using our telehealth service. I am always in a private secure place during counseling. I use a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool. This allows for the security and confidentiality of the content of your sessions.

You should also always use strong passwords to protect any information shared with me. Never use a work computer for therapy as the employer may have access to the information shared in electronic communications.

I ensure that your personal information is encrypted and stored on a secure server. No one else has access to this information or my technology.

I have a secure client portal for us to use to exchange messages or other information.

You are responsible for confidentiality in your own environment, including securing your hardware, internet access points, email, and passwords. The laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of your health information also apply to online counseling.

I may not be able to provide for or arrange for emergency care that you may require when we are not meeting in person. You must provide emergency contact information for persons in your location and give consent for them to be contacted in case of medical or mental health emergencies prior to commencing telehealth treatment. You must also provide the address for your location during each online session in case an emergency occurs.

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Dave Stefan, Ph.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Credentialed Coach

Contact me to arrange a free 15-minute initial consultation. No strings attached. Complete the information to your right with a phone number and email, and I will respond within 24 hours to set up a time. I am glad to answer questions about the counseling process. If we feel like we can work well together to address your needs, we can make an appointment. If either of us feel that this is not a good fit, I am happy to give suggestions or referrals for other counseling options.

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