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Let's work together to

Explore Mental Health for Men
Online and In-person Therapy in Ohio

Isolated. Anxious. Lone Wolf.


Like many men, you may feel like a lone wolf when it comes to trusting others with personal and emotional concerns. You face challenges and issues 

completely on your own because you don't have a safe environment where you feel comfortable opening up to others

lgbtq therapist in Cincinnati OH

As a result, you feel estranged from a trusted brotherhood, which creates a cycle of stuffed emotions and thoughts along with a host of other issues, like: 

  • lack of purpose and meaning,

  • isolation and addiction,  

  • compulsions and avoidant behaviors, and

  • depression and anxiety. 

But like wolves, you are meant to live as part of a pack.

lgbt therapy in Cincinnati OH

Solution-focused Therapy Can Help

The Come Alive Counseling and Coaching Collaborative is here to help you identify and work toward your mental health goals by listening in a non-judgmental way, offering therapeutic support, and providing solution-focused direction on subjects relevant to your life. We work hard to create a safe and encouraging space that provides evidence-based and practical tools for designing and managing the life that you want. 

Therapy session


We can help you talk about your concerns, design a plan to overcome obstacles, and find purpose as part of a pack


Dave Stefan, Ph.D.
lgbt therapy in Cincinnati OH

Hello, my name is Dr. Dave Stefan. I’d like to welcome you to the Come Alive Counseling and Coaching Collaborative. I know life can feel overwhelming and confusing (but also hopeful) when you decide to reach out for support. 

As someone who has faced significant personal and professional challenges and come out on the other side with a much richer and more grounded sense of who I am, I understand the range of emotions you might be experiencing.

Throughout my life, I have worked hard at my own mental and emotional well-being. Along with therapy, I have explored and applied practices that have helped me change my irrational thoughts, manage my damaged emotions, and find greater fulfillment in relationships. 

I have also gone to extremes to figure out and find peace with my life, including trekking up Everest, volunteering with the United Nations World Food Program in Nepal, and walking alone into the Cascade Wilderness on a three day, solo fast vision quest.  


You can learn more about my journeys around the world and how they helped me personally and professionally in my "12 Months to Live" documentary and "Gratitude Project" podcast series. 

Based on my educational background, training, and personal experiences, which you can learn more about here, I strive to create an environment that offers compassionate understanding, challenging encouragement, and research-based, therapeutic solutions. 

Therapy Can Help. 

Research shows that therapy can:

  • Improve mood.

  • Regulate emotions.

What others have said about our work together...

Learning about positive psychology research and applying it to my life has helped me feel better about where I am and where I want to go. 


I feel much more calm.


Talking with Dr. Stefan has helped me develop a personal and professional self-care plan and stick to it. Our conversations have made a big difference.


Let’s work together as you...

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