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Improve Relationships

Loneliness and social isolation are linked to serious health conditions. 


We live in a society and world where feelings of aloneness are on the rise. It is easy to feel like we are on our own and disconnected from friends and family.


An 85 year-old Harvard study has proved that embracing community helps us live longer, happier lives. 


It is critical to our mental and physical well-being to learn strategies that will help us not only connect with others in a meaningful manner, but sustain relationships throughout our lives. 

At the Come Alive Counseling and Coaching Collaborative, our mission is to partner with you in a way that supports and challenges you to reflect on barriers to establishing healthy relationships. Through empowering coaching conversations and therapeutic interventions, we also work to help you resolve internal conflicts and irrational belief systems in a way that reframes your understanding of the world and how you interact with others. As you find greater peace within yourself, you will come alive to deeper relationships, which, according to research, will not only extend your life, but will also enrich it. 

To learn more about a critical Harvard study, enjoy this short TED talk from the current research coordinator, Robert Waldinger.

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