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Navigate Your Spiritual Journey 

More people say they are spiritual but not necessarily religious. 

One reason people may call themselves spiritual rather than religious may be because of the hurt they have encountered within traditional religious institutions and practices. Negative experiences with religion can create confusion, doubt, abandonment, and a sense of purposelessness

There is a science of spirituality, however, that can help us reframe our experiences and reconnect with a greater awareness of awe, wonder and transcendence. 


Taking another look at your spiritual journey by talking with someone else in a safe counseling or coaching context can assist you in making peace with your past, help you bring a broader context to life's challenges, and can even connect you with greater purpose and meaning

At the Come Alive Counseling and Coaching Collaborative, our goal is to meet you where you are and work together to integrate all aspects of who you are, including your emotional, mental, and spiritual sensibilities, according to your therapeutic goals. We do not represent a specific religious tradition or worldview, but we do rely on the science of spirituality as a guide.  


For example, if your goal is to make peace with your religious history and you have spiritual questions, our goal, as we partner together, is to listen to the challenges and doubts you have encountered, and then begin to reframe your story; we will collaborate on a creative plan that inspires you to find greater meaning in transcendent experiences, rediscover a higher purpose for your life, and deepen connection with others.


You might enjoy watching this conversation with Dr. Lisa Miller from Columbia University on the science of spirituality.  

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