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The How of Happiness and Meaning Online Workshop
Positive Psychology Science and Proven Practices to Boost Well-being and Life Satisfaction 

Come Alive by Design Training: Text

The How of Happiness and Meaning seven-week, virtual workshop:

  •  Utilizes positive psychology research and life coaching concepts to support your life, 

  •  Clarifies your passions, strengths, needs, and values to enhance well-being, meaning, and happiness in life.

  •  Helps you develop positive psychology practices for personal and professional growth,

  •  Outlines keys to discovering your 'ikigai' (Japanese word for 'reason for being'),

  •  Empowers you to implement a 30-day come alive project with the support of others.  


24 hours of training, including 7 hours of synchronous virtual meetings via zoom and 17 hours of asynchronous peer support, practice, and homework.

Upcoming Sessions: TBA

Participant Stories

"Where I have been in life is super stressful, and I recognized a need to calm that all down; so this seven weeks turned out to be a natural process for me to pursue more peace by learning and practicing mindfulness for my 30-day project."            - John

"I developed really important practices that we know from science that if you do practice them on a regular basis and do apply them to your life, it will make you happier.


So, it has been maybe five or six weeks and I actually do feel happier now; it has been a few weeks in a row now, and I think that is in part a result of some of these practices that I set myself to doing at the beginning of this project. Some of them became very important to me and routine and that’s really what I was looking for - routine practices that would change my behaviors and in the end result in a little bit more happiness."          - Steve

"Going through this workshop and designing a project, which mine turned out to be a writing project, I decided to tackle some things, honestly, and I found it to be extremely therapeutic. And I don’t think I would have chosen the project I did if I hadn’t taken the strengths inventory. I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in these kinds of assessments, but it prompted me to go in some places I hadn’t, so it was a good thing for me too."    - Nadine

Positive Psychology and Coaching Training Faculty

Dry Tree Trunk

David R. Stefan,

Dr. Stefan is the founder of the Come Alive Collaborative. He is a licensed professional counselor, an ICF Associate Certified Coach, and a positive psychology researcher, specializing in gratitude practices, well-being interventions, and ikigai (Japanese word meaning 'reason for being') trainings. 

Dr. Dave is a professor of counseling and psychology and a life calling coach; he oversees the BS and MA in Psychology programs with specializations in life coaching and positive psychology. 

Dr. Stefan has traveled and presented internationally on the following topics:

Gratitude and Grit; Positive Psychology and the Good Life; How to Live a Long and Meaningful Life; and Gratitude Visits.

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lgbt psychologist in Cincinnati OH
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Aerial View of Beach
lgbt psychologist in Cincinnati OH

Don Eisenhauer, D.Min., MCC

Dr. Don Eisenhauer, MCC, is the founder of Coaching at End of Life, LLC.  He is a pastor and a Master Certified Coach (accredited by the International Coach Federation).  He is the author of the books Coaching at End of Life and Coach Yourself Through Grief.  Don has a passion to help people live fully until they die. He enjoys teaching and equipping coaches, hospice workers, funeral directors, clergy, friends and family members to better support and care for the dying and grieving in their midst.

Don comes to the field of coaching with a wealth of practical and educational experience in end of life care, including:
• 15 years of pastoral ministry
• 19 years as a hospice chaplain, grief care specialist, and grief support group facilitator
• a doctorate in counseling

 ongoing seminars/presentations on end of life issues


Don serves as an End of Life Coach for a Funeral Home.  He is a faculty member for other coaching practices, and he leads trainings and seminars throughout the world.  He is also the co-founder of the Bereavement Management Group, providing software to help in the care of the grieving.

lgbt psychologist in Cincinnati OH
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